Xicana Dinners

Xicana Dinners

Farm to Table & CBD Private Dinners & Catering

Our team at Xicana Dinners provides elevated and CBD dining experiences in the privacy of your own home or at your private event venue.

Whether you’re throwing a cocktail party, brunch or want to enjoy a six course meal with your friends and family, we offer a uniue farm to table menu to meet your needs. Relax and be part of our community.

Are you interested in hosting a CBD-infused dinner?  We’ll bring the Amsterdam experience to you.

  • Private Chef Services
  • Farm to Table Private Dinners
  • Vegan
  • Brunch & Blaze
  • Tacos & Tokes
  • Custom 6 Course Dinners

Email us at XicanaCalimex@gmail.com to book your dinner.

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