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Chef Rosie O'Connor, SoCal Latina Chef, California Latina Chef, Award-Winning Latina Chef, SoCal Food Blogger, SoCal Travel Blogger, Brand Partnerships, Restaurant Consulting, Speaking
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About Chef Rosie

Rosie O’Connor is the award-winning Chef-Owner of Provecho Grill and a two-time winner of the SoCal Chef Open. In 2015, she became the first chef to be honored with both the Pinnacle Award and People’s Choice Award. She was later invited back as a judge of the 2019 SoCal Chef Open.

As a chef and TV personality, she has appeared on Food Network’s Supermarket Stakeout (2019) and The Cooking Channel’s Farmer’s Market Flip (2017). Chef Rosie has also been featured in TV spots and commercials for Let’s Dine Out and SoCal Gas.

As a contributing columnist, she has written stories for Menifee Buzz and Valley News, recounting her culinary adventures to thousands of readers each week.

A graduate of the Art Institute of San Diego, Chef Rosie has a strong connection to her SoCal roots and is committed to volunteer efforts in her local community. She has served as a mentor to young culinary students and uses her restaurant as a platform to help others. In 2015, she was presented with the Volunteer Service Award by President Barack Obama, one of her proudest achievements yet.

Here on ChefRosie.com, she publishes food stories, recipes, and hosts private events for local foodies. Through her culinary tours of Mexico, and food & wine events, Chef Rosie shares her passion for SoCal and Baja Cuisine. Joined by chefs and enthusiasts who love great food and delicious wines, she leads her guests on an exploration of Mexican cuisine and culture.

Brand Partnerships

TV Personality / On-Camera Host – Chef Rosie has appeared as a competing chef on the Cooking Channel’s Farmer’s Market Flip and is a frequent on-camera guest and host.  Whether you’re looking for an upcoming news segment, promotional campaign or on-air recipe demo, Chef Rosie will create a fun and inviting atmosphere for your audience.

Brand Spokesperson / Ambassador – Chef Rosie will represent your brand in a variety of ways, including representation at conferences, cooking demos, brand travel and events, social media, blogging and video.

Cooking Demos / Company Events – Chef Rosie will demo your product or recipe in front of a live audience.  Whether at a conference, brand event or in front of a camera, Chef Rosie is ready to teach culinary tips and techniques that will showcase your brand and entertain your audience.

Recipe Development / Sponsored Recipes – Chef Rosie offers recipe development, food styling and sponsored recipes to brands, publishers and individuals who want to put their best culinary masterpieces on the plate.

Travel / Food Tours – Chef Rosie frequently travels throughout the country, to Mexico and abroad to discover the latest food trends, hot spots and destinations.  If you have a food event, restaurant or destination that you would like Chef Rosie to document and/or share with her audience, please inquire by using the short form at the bottom of this page.

Chef Rosie O'Connor, SoCal Latina Chef, California Latina Chef, Award-Winning Latina Chef, SoCal Food Blogger, SoCal Travel Blogger, Brand Partnerships, Restaurant Consulting, Speaking


Chef Rosie is available for public appearances and speaking opportunities topics related to food, mentorship and restaurant ownership.  Whether at a conference, corporate meeting or fundraiser, Chef Rosie is always looking for new opportunities to share her experiences as a chef and restaurnteur with food enthusiasts and business owners.


Chef Rosie believes in sharing her knowledge and expertise with young chefs who are aspiring to enter the culinary industry and individuals who want to enter the restaurant business.  Throughout her years as a restauranteur, she has dedicated many hours to educating and mentoring aspiring culinary students.  Her hope is that through guided mentorship, the industry will become enriched by the diverse opinions, backgrounds and skill sets of the next generation.


As an award-winning chef and restauranteur, Chef Rosie has consulted with many companies and restaurant owners over the years to share her expertise in the restaurant industry.

Chef Rosie consults with restaurant owners on everything from design coordination (furnishing, fixtures and equipment technology selection), menu and recipe development, menu costing, operational planning, staff training and POS selection.  Let Chef Rosie analyze your operation, menu, recipes and staff functions to provide recommendations that can improve your restaurant’s best practices.

  • Restaurant Consulting
  • Restaurant Development
  • Restaurant Menu Development
  • Recipe Development
  • Food Styling


“Words that come to mind when you think of Chef Rosie are humble, real, and charismatic. Aside from her culinary talents, she has an amazing giving heart that allow her to connect with people and inspire them. She is well versed in the kitchen, philanthropy work, and motivational speaking. Our 70+ workforce professional staff are forever grateful for her words of wisdom and energy that she brought to our San Diego County EDD Meeting. She brought us along her journey from start to present with all the emotions. From modest beginnings to the dynamo that she is today, you couldn’t ask for a better ambassador of resilience and passion.”

Tracy Fuerte
Alternate San Diego County Manager
Employment Development Department
State of California

“Chef Rosie isn’t just an amazing chef and a savvy business woman, she’s also an incredible asset to the community. Whether it’s teaching kids to cook at the Menifee Valley Boys & Girls Club or donating her time for fundraising events for the Rotary Club to offering herself up to promote the value natural gas provides restaurateurs from an efficiency and cost perspective, she is always there to try to make things better. I applaud her for her drive and commitment to her craft!”

Sue Kristjansson
Manager, Codes & Standards

“Chef Rosie O’Connor is one of a kind. Her initiative and talent in the kitchen treat cooking as an art, and her comprehension of that art is highly talked about amongst our company. Everything from menu development to her original creations is so meticulously prepared and of the highest quality. Her reputation amongst the Inland Empire and beyond is built on hard work, high energy and passion for her culinary craft. Chef Rosie O’Connor will expertly and confidently represent your business by creating delicious recipes to increase popularity and brand awareness.”

Jason Winans
Account Executive
Shamrock Foods Company

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